About our founders

Founders Jim & Andrea Labelle have lived locally in Flagstaff for over 20 years and have raised their family here. They ran a business in town and when they sold their business, they set aside funds to make this dream a reality. Our goal is to connect the Flagstaff community to services and promote a culture of well being and mindfulness.

How Online Teen Help started

Andrea Labelle met with Cathy Cox who works for Flagstaff Unified School District, and both had a desire to make sure mental health resources were accessible to our youth. They worked together to bring in a new mental health advocate position at the high schools, whose primary job is the students mental well being, and since then Cathy has been able to open up another two positions! And together they designed a website that provides youth a range of apps centered around mindfulness. From helplines to daily exercise tips and routines, this website is a wonderful resource and is getting lots of traffic from students.

About OnlineTeen Help

OnlineTeenHelp.com is a website that provides youth a range of free apps centered around mindfulness and well being.

How to help promote Online Teen Help

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