It is common to feel sad when bad or disappointing things happen.

We all may have a short-term depressed mood from time to time, but we are able to cope and soon recover without treatment.

It’s when depression starts to linger for more than a couple weeks, or interfere with your life. When depression affects your schoolwork, after school activities, and/or your ability to carry out normal daily activities, or you no longer enjoy previously satisfying personal relationships.

Although while you are in a depression, it can feel as though there is no outlet and it may feel as though you will always feel this way, but depression is very curable and won’last forever.

Treatments for Depression

Most people recover from depression and lead satisfying lives. There is a range of effective treatments for depression. The sooner you reach out the quicker the recovery.
As soon as you start to talk about it,

  • Talk to your School Counselor

They are there to help you, they can help get you to the right hands so you are able to get the help you need. anonymously.

  • Online Text and Chat Help

They are there to help you, they can help get you to the right hands so you are able to get the help you need. anonymously.

Crisis Hotlines

Sometimes you can’t get to a professional counselor or psychologist soon enough, or maybe that person wasn’t as helpful as you needed, don’t stop there, keep going until you find someone who can understand your needs and help you.

Crisis hotlines are there to help you when you need help 24/7 around the clock. If you are or have been thinking about calling a crisis number, you should call the number.

Don’t hesitate, you don’t need to wait until you feel you can’t handle it any longer, these hotlines are there for you and want to help.

The sooner you can talk, the easier it will get.

It seems easier to try to do it alone, but therapy with a professional can offer tools and insights you just can’t get solely by searching the website alone. There are different types of Therapy, depending on what is covered under your families insurance plans, and depending on what you are most comfortable with, here are some therapy options and the differences:


Going away to a retreat that specializes in something similar to what you are experiencing is like doing a year of therapy in a short amount of time. Most retreats are 2 week- 90 days and offer group counseling and one on one psychology along with meditation and other helpful tools.


are able to offer more structure and provide you with tools to cure you. Sessions are generally 60 minutes but can be 90 minutes if you need more time at the beginning. Typically you will want to invest going weekly for a period of time to get the best results.


can help assess what your plan should be. A good start is to talk to your school counselor, who can help determine your plan with you. They can also help find a lot of Free or school funded options.



  • If you have private health insurance, start by calling your provider to understand your coverages.
  • If you are on medicare or want to get on medicare you can start here
  • If you need financial assistance, NARBA offers an online screening tool to help find you other options you may qualify for,start here

Symptoms of depression

What can cause depression?

Depression has no single cause. People may become depressed when something very distressing has happened and the feeling of powerless or lack of ability to control the situation negatively impacts them. Some factors that can lead to depression include:

Depression can affect your overall health

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